Our expertise: construction

Choosing a construction company to build your project is a very important decision. At BBD constructions, we are aware of the constraints and requirements involved in these major undertakings: our team knows all the ins and outs of deadlines, budgets, design, and specifications.

Industrial and commercial construction solutions

Corporate management methods are always evolving, and construction techniques are continually improving. This is why BBD constructions has instituted a flexible structure that enables us to adapt and conform to the specific features of each project.

Design and build services

Are you planning to build or expand your commercial or industrial space? BBD constructions offers a proven approach: our conception/construction service. As soon as an idea is born, BBD constructions can coordinate all steps of development and deliver a turnkey real-estate project. We can coordinate and execute all the work needed to complete your project, thus saving you time and money and eliminating intermediaries, who are sometimes ineffective or impractical.

BBD constructions

BBD Constructions is a general contractor that builds commercial and industrial buildings, including multi-dwelling projects such as condo and apartment buildings and seniors’ residences. We work exclusively in the private sector, for individuals, companies, and developers. We recommend working as a team with you and your professionals in order to offer you the best possible experience with planning and constructing your projects. We are able to calculate working budgets from the design stage on, to help with your planning process. We are also available to compete in calls for tenders by invitation. In addition, we offer a turnkey service: an integrated design and construction service combining rapid execution, flexibility, and efficiency.

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