Workplace health & safety

Workplace health & safety: A value that is integral to our corporate culture

The BBD constructions’s Prevention Policy

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The safety and physical security of our workers and other people on our sites is a priority, and it takes precedence over all other activities and considerations.

The BBD constructions recognizes that it has a duty of sound management and reasonable diligence – that is, a duty of foresight, effectiveness, and authority.

We believe that to create a healthy, safe work environment, it is necessary to be proactive with regard to prevention by integrating safety measures into work procedures and methods, equipment, and organization of work in general.

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We are committed to creating a workplace atmosphere that encourages respect for individuals, discipline and productivity on the job, and a group of conditions encouraging an individual sense of responsibility and practical cooperation to prevent accidents.

Finally, the BBD constructions also emphasizes the training of its workers by encouraging the development of workplace health and safety skills and placing a high value on acquisition of knowledge and know-how related to prevention.

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