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BBD constructions is committed to executing high-quality work, respecting the guarantees offered, and supplying rapid and courteous after-sales service. A well-executed site should require a minimum of adjustments and after-sales service. More than ever, site management is a challenge that must be met every day, and respect for often very tight deadlines is a priority. A number of trades must work simultaneously, and the work must be orchestrated both efficiently and accurately, for, as in a relay race, the baton must be passed correctly from one runner from the next. To achieve this objective, each tradesman must entirely assume the responsibilities involved in his task, but must make sure not to impede proper functioning of the site.

Only tight project management can completely control costs, quality, and the advancement of work. To ensure the success of each BBD constructions project, we count on excellent pre-project planning, follow-up on costs at each stage of the project, and meticulous inspection of work with a view to ensuring control of the quality and progress on the site. For this purpose, an operational organizational chart is assigned to each of our sites. Upon delivery of your project, BBD constructions provides you with a list of the subcon-tractors and suppliers involved along with warranty certificates for the products and services supplied. We also ensure follow-up over the guarantee period and make sure that you receive rapid and courteous after-sales service at all times.

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