Here are the projects on which BBD constructions is acting either as general constractor, investor, or as a developer then responsible for performing studies, planning, marketing and construction.

The site and its topography, accessibility, proximity to services and activities, its amenities, density control, integration with and preservation of the environment and architecture, are without limitations, always carefully considered elements.

BBD Building

BBD Constructions Projects Building Office space Projets plans Contractor general Rent

BBD new building, 26 Bromont Blvd. in Bromont.  Expansion – New construction on 2 floors.  Office space for rent: 5 000sf still available on a total of 8 000 sf.  40 parking spaces and fast load electrical terminal.  The best commercial location in Bromont, exit 78 of Highway 10 at the corner of Bromont Blvd. and Bleury Street at the traffic light.


BBD Constructions Projects Xpress Condos sur gare Condominium Multi housing

Situated in the heart of Sainte-Thérèse, Xpress offers you high-quality, affordable contemporary living. This residential complex is strategically located facing the commuter-train station.


BBD Constructions Projects Castelnau heritage building Projets Jean-Talon Jarry Montreal

A heritage building with historic grandeur, two steps from little Italy, facing Jarry Park, near Marché Jean-Talon.


BBD Constructions Projects St-Dominique Condominium Montreal Design condos Multi housing

The St-Dominique Condominiums, located at the gates of Montreal’s most vibrant neighbourhoods (Show District, Latin district, Downtown and Plateau Mont-Royal) offers stylized living spaces for $180,000 to $700,000.

Avenue 32

BBD Constructions Projects Avenue 32 residential building Lachine Montreal Apartments penthouses townhouses

Looking for a residential building in Lachine offering apartments, lofts, condos, penthouses and townhouses? Discover Avenue32: luxury condominiums with a floor plan design and common areas that will leave you speechless!


BBD Constructions Projects M9-4 aesthetic urban jewel Old Montreal Downtown Condominiums Condos Building

On the heels of the M9’s highly successful first three phases, M9-4 is the crown in an aesthetic urban jewel, located at the gates of Old Montreal and Downtown: 150 refined condominiums in an 19-storey complex.

Côte Est

BBD Constructions Projects Côte Est contemporary crossbeams environment Bromont Developers

The Côte Est Project features contemporary, organic architecture. With its blending of noble materials, abundant window space and crossbeams, as well as spacious patios, the development blends-in harmoniously with its environment.


BBD Constructions M9-3 Condominium Condos Multi housing private sector Old Montreal Havre

M9 Condominiums by développements McGill embody the spirit of a new, more relaxed MTL where everyone will want to live.


BBD Constructions Projects M9 Condominiums Old Montreal Habitat Evolution Condos Havre

Part Old Montréal. Part Cité Multimédia. Part downtown. The Havre is one of the new revitalized industrial districts popping up from one day to the next, without warning. New York-style. Meatpacking District-style. Today, in a thriving urban setting, where modernity rhymes with vitality, M9 Condominiums by développements McGill embody the spirit of a new, more relaxed MTL where everyone will want to live.

Square Benny

BBD Constructions Projects Square Benny Condominium sustainable development Notre-Dame-De-Grâce Montréal green project

SQUARE BENNY HYBRID CONDOMINIUMS offers living environments reflecting the precepts of sustainable development, without compromising design. A historic neighbourhood, a contemporary design, a green project. Square Benny, at the heart of Notre-Dame-De-Grâce in Montreal.

Cercle des Cantons

BBD Constructions Projects Cercle des Cantons condos Condominium Mount Brome chairlift

A project for 500 condos on the west flank of Mount Brome with a number of facilities, including access to the ski slopes by chairlift.