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Corporate management methods are always evolving, and construction techniques are continually improving. This is why BBD constructions has instituted a flexible structure that enables us to adapt and conform to the specific features of each project. The chart below summarizes our services at different stages of a project.

As you will see, we can manage a project from idea to completion, taking every step necessary to deliver a product that meets your expectations. With our centralization of services, you profit from an effective, efficient follow-up, and you do business with a single company that handles all responsibilities.

In fact, BBD constructions can coordinate and execute all work needed to complete a project. This means that you can save time and money by eliminating intermediaries, who are sometimes ineffective and impractical. Of course, we can also act as bidders for execution of the work. In addition, we can become involved at any stage in the advancement of a project. On request, we will be happy to send you a reference list; if needed, we will supply a tender and an execution bond.

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The sustained attention to your needs, combined with excellent planning and a constant concern for quality at all steps of your project, makes BBD constructions a truly trustworthy partner.