Design and build services

Are you planning to build or expand your commercial or industrial space? BBD constructions offers a proven approach: our conception/construction service, the most efficient and satisfactory solution for executing high-quality projects on the best timetable.

Why choose our design and build service?

Savings in time and money. As soon as an idea is born, BBD constructions can coordinate all steps of development and deliver a turnkey real-estate project. We can coordinate and execute all the work needed to complete your project, thus saving you time and money and eliminating intermediaries, who are sometimes ineffective or impractical. A single partner undertakes all tasks and responsibilities associated with your project.

No unpleasant surprises

When it’s time to design the plans for your project, BBD constructions, with its wealth of experience, can give accurate estimates of execution costs. There is no risk of disappointment with plans that were exciting on paper but had to be modified considerably upon completion – and at your expense – because they involved construction costs that exceeded the planned budget.

Services and products adapted to your needs

Our versatile organization enables us to adjust and conform to the specific needs of each project. We work with you to identify solutions that correspond to your needs at the lowest cost possible. In this regard, you will profit from our established network of many suppliers and subcontractors and benefit from the best quality-price ratio.

Excellent planning

Site management represents a true challenge that must be met on a daily basis. Respect for deadlines, which can be very tight, is a priority for us. Only efficient project management enables us to control costs, quality, and work progress. BBD constructions ensures the success of each of its projects through excellent pre-project planning, cost follow-up at each step of the project, and careful inspection of the work in order to ensure control of quality and site progress.

Meticulous after-sales service

Upon delivery of your project, we give you a list of subcontractors and suppliers involved, along with their warranty certificates of products and services suppliers. We also ensure follow-up during the guarantee period and make sure that you receive rapid, courteous after-sales service at all times.
BBD Design and build services Constructions Design Conceptual Commercial retail Industrial
BBD Constructions Design and build services Conceptual Commercial retail Industrial